Will you cut
your emissions

by 45% by 2030?

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Scope 3

emissions represent

60-80% of your emissions.

About MobiCycle

The platform displays

  • the content you provided for feedback
  • the content we create for you
  • analysis of your show your impact, and
  • a report to bolster your Annual Report
A Platform Approach

Our Marketing Dashboard will

  • unpack the public mood on complex issues around climate change
  • provide insights into how your ESG strategy is rated by internal staff
The Marketing Dashboard

Why take action today?

  • The public and your employees see the net zero promise as a commitment to achieve net zero across most, if not all, Scope 3 categories.
Why ESG & Scope 3 Emissions?
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ESG investments

reached $35 trillion

in 2020.

What is "green" marketing?

Green marketing is the "What" and "Why" of sustainability in marketing. As in what your organization does to protect the environment and why it matters.

Green marketing sells products or services by highlighting their environmental benefits.  It also goes beyond selling to educate consumers about the role they may play in mitigating climate change.


-update your (e)waste supply chain

-launch eco-friendly products

-participate in recycling programs

-donate to green movements

What is "sustainable" marketing?

Sustainable marketing is "The How" of environmental marketing, as in how you deliver value to customers.


- a video reel showing how you differ from your competitors

- update your motto to reflect your commitment

- a company webpage dedicated to the environment

Sustainable marketing provides evidence for how you safeguard and/ or encourage the development of natural and human resources.

What is green washing?

Green washing occurs when an organisation prioritizes being seen as a sustainable over actually minimising its environmental impact.

A focus on activities over rhetoric is one way to avoid accusations of greenwashing.


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It’s not too late

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The Marketing Dashboard is part of MobiCycle's electronics management platform.

We help you communicate in a way that builds trust.

Build trust through accountability. Prove your marketing plan.

Content Design
Content Creation
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One Platform

Present national

climate commitments

will increase emissions

20% by 2030.

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"We face a moment of truth. Now is the time to deliver. Now is the time to restore trust.  Now is the time to inspire hope.  And I do have hope.  The problems we have created are problems we can solve.  Humanity has shown that we are capable of great things when we work together."

UN Secretary-General
António Guterres’
21 September 2021

MobiCycle's Approach to Marketing

Actions resonate with customers.

Your customers want you to be a brand that reccognizes what is happening to the planet, cares about the effects, and it taking action in proportion to your human and finanacial resources.

MobiCycle's value is sustainable marketing strategies developed over the long term, that withstand common criticisms and boost loyalty and trust.

The typical marketing strategy works today in the following way. The first ideal is "more is better". Second, marketing is thought of as one to many. You try to convince people en masse. You determine who your target audience is, and where they are present online. Next, you try get in front of them as often as possible. The rule of seven says a potential customer is converted after 7 touchpoints on platforms such as email marketing, Instagram.

Send 2 emails a week and hope they don't subscribe. Post a video every day to get regular viewers.

We can agree with traditional marketers that not having a marketing plan at all, is the worst scenario. MobiCycle has a few guides that set us apart.  First, start from a position of gratitude. Recognize that whatever prices you pay for your inputs, whatever costs you incur to operate your business, those costs are significantly discounted. Your costs do not include compensation to offset the actual damage to the environment your activities cause.

Our strategy often devolves into, should we be viewed as X (such as empathetic), or as Y (such as innovative)? You decide what you believe. What you control.

A litmus test for sustainable marketing is, "Do I new insight that could make the world a better place?"

We can't have situations where your marketing campaign says you care about the planet, with anecdotal evidence, while that same campaign contributes to a carbon footprint. We do not advocate an end to all marketing. We call for a reconsider in our approach it.

Traditional Approach to Marketing Strategies

MobiCycle's Marketing Rules

  1. Publish marketing content on 7 or more platforms
  2. Publish content daily, if not multiple times per day
  3. Look for arbitrage retention machines
  4. Broad messaging is boring
  5. Create an ideal customer
  1. Don't repeat the same videos to reduce your carbon footprint
  2. Don't create content just for the sake of creating content
Step 1
Step 2
We identify sustainable marketing practices and green marketing practices
Step 3
We review the success of the campaign and report results in a way that clearly communicates lessons learned
Step 4
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